ERASMUS+ Sparrow

Our third meeting in Spain

The third Sparrow (project) meeting took place in Los Barrios, Spain from 5.11 - 9.11. 2018. All the participating countries, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Spain joined this third meeting. This time 14 students from Italy were travelling with their teachers. Each student from Italy was paired with a student from Spain and got to stay with their family during the time of visit. 

On Monday Nov 5th participants started the working day at the hosting Spanish school, IES Carlos Cano.

After a morning meeting with the Headmaster and the Head of Studies participants held their first Sparrow meeting in Spain.  We discussed and watched pictures/videos of the students carrying out the different tasks. We had a discussion about whether the tasks had worked out or needed improvements.

We also outlined what our next tasks will be and discussed probable dates for the next meeting which will take place in Italy.  After the SPARROW meeting students and former students of IES Carlos Cano put on a wonderful Flamenco show for us to enjoy. In the late afternoon we were given a salsa dancing lesson.   

On Tuesday we took a trip with the students from Italy and Spain to the beautiful city of Malaga. Our first stop was at the magnificent Castillo de Gibralfaro which sits on a high hill overlooking Malaga city and port, and dates back to the 10th century.  We also went on a guided tour in an aquarium. 

On Wednesday we met at school to work on our project. We also had a session with the participating group of students. Each country introduced a game to the group of Italian and Spanish students. The students participated in the games. In the afternoon the teachers went on a trip to Gibraltar and spent the rest of the day exploring this British Overseas Territory which is located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It covers an area of 6.7 km2 and is bordered to the north by Spain. 

On Thursday it was time for our second trip with the students. This time we drove on a bus to Cádiz, which is regarded by many as the oldest, continuously inhabited city in Western Europe, with archaeological remains dating back 3100 years.  We walked around the city, and visited the tower of the cathedral located in the old town. We also took a boat ride in the harbor. 

In the evening the teachers went to a concert to see a Spanish band called Seferád which plays traditional Spanish music.

On Friday we had a meeting at school. We coordinated our dates for the next meetings and also finalized the tasks we have to finish before our next meeting. After that we went on our third and last trip with the students. Now it was time to get to know Los Barrios, the hometown of the school we were visiting. 

At first we had a meeting with the Mayor at the Town Hall. Our next stop was at an Art gallery that had an exhibition of paintings that were painted by refugees from Africa that have settled in
Andalucía. Our last stop on this tour was the Fossil- and Nature Museum of Los Barrios.

Our next meeting will take place in Italy from the 18th – 22nd of March, 2019.