ERASMUS+ Sparrow

SPARROW MEETING in Italy, March 18 - 22, 2019.

The fourth Sparrow (project) meeting took place in Italy from the 18th - 22nd of March 2019. All the participants from Italy, Germany and Spain joined this fourth meeting. This time 14 students from Spain were travelling with their teachers. Each student from Spain was paired with a student from Italy and got to stay with their family during the time of visit. 

On Monday morning we met at the Italian school, ICS Via Della Tecnica. The school is divided into three levels of education; a primary, an elementary and a secondary. We visited the secondary school the first day. The Italian students put on a show to welcome us into their school. They had changed and adapted the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and turned it into a musical. This was very well done and at the end they challenged the Spanish students to come and dance with them on the stage.

After this warm welcome from the Italian students the teachers worked on the project. We compared and organized the games we had brought with us. Then the teachers headed for a visit to the volcanic area of Castelli Romani, an area with lots of small towns such as Castel Gandolfo where the Pope has a summer house in an 17th century building.

On Tuesday the Sparrow participants along with the Italian and Spanish students headed for a visit to the beautiful town of Tivoli where we visited the enchanting Villa d’Este with its countless fountains adorning the splendid garden.  Villa d’Este, built in the 16th century has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We also had a stroll through the old town, filled with street markets that were interesting to explore.

On Wednesday we started the day by taking the school bus, with the Italian and Spanish students to Museum Lavinium, an archaeological museum. We had a guided tour and it was an interesting and educating to hear and learn about the beginning of Pomezia and its surroundings. The museum sheds a marvelous light on the history of the founding of Rome.

The museum has beautiful and unique pieces on display, such as statues from an ancient Roman times.

After this we visited the elementary school.  A group of 4th graders joined the Spanish and the Italian teenagers in playing the games that the German and Icelandic teachers had brought with them. We also had a welcoming song in English from the 1st graders.

In the afternoon the teachers went on a trip to Ostia Antica, which is a large archeological site close to the modern town of Ostia.  Ostia Antica is known for the excellent preservation of its ancient buildings, magnificent frescoes and mosaics. 

On Thursday we took a bus along with the Spanish and Italian students to visit Rome. We spent the exploring the grand Colosseum and Fori Romani. 

On Friday we visited the primary school. The children sang for us and then the teachers and the teenagers joined them in a dance game. We visited the classrooms and the children gave us pictures that they had drawn.  

After that we had a meeting at the City-hall with the Mayor of Pomezia. 

We concluded the day with a meeting where we coordinated our dates for the next meetings.

We also planned the tasks we have to finish before the next meeting which will take place in Iceland from May 20th - 24th.