ERASMUS+ Sparrow

Visiting Iceland, May 2018.

The second Sparrow (project) meeting took place in Iceland from May 21 st to the 26 th, 2018. All the participants from Italy, Germany and Spain joined this second meeting.

On Monday night, the Icelandic team picked up the others and we drove to a cabin in Grímsnes in the south part of Iceland. We spent two nights at the cabin, working on the project but also visiting nearby sights.

On Tuesday morning it was time for our first workday. Each school presented what it had been working on since our last meeting in Germany - that is the games and the Logo competition. After a good working session, we drove to the National heritage site, Þingvellir. We walked around the area, but the weather was nasty with strong winds and heavy rainfall, so we were glad to get back to the cabin.

On Wednesday we continued working on the Sparrow project and laid out a schedule for our project and set goals for what has to be finished before the next meeting takes place in the fall of 2018. In the afternoon we drove around to visit some sites that Iceland has to offer. We started by having lunch at a greenhouse that grows tomatoes and makes tomato soup. The places we visited that day were: Kerid, a lava crater; Geysir, a hot spring geyser; Gullfoss, a waterfall and Faxi, also a waterfall. After that it was time to say goodbye to the wonderful cabin and we headed to the city of Reykjavík. The visitors settled in to their hotel apartments.

On Thursday we began our visit to Rimaskóli. The guests got a tour of the school and visited various classes. After that we carried on working on our project. Later that day we visited The Museum of Glaciers and Ice-cave, where we got an interesting guided tour through the ice-cave and a briefing about volcanoes, earthquakes and other things related to Iceland’s spectacular nature.

On Friday we went back to Rimaskóli and the guests visited some more classes including home economics, woodshop, textile and art. The 6. grade also presented their project (in English) about the Nordic countries they had been learning about in the weeks before.

The Sparrow participants also had a meeting with the headmaster of Rimaskoli.

After lunch we visited the whale museum, Whales of Iceland, and got a briefing about the species and their behavior.

Our last working session was on Saturday. We finished working on briefings, summary and further planning including E-twinning site and evaluation questions. The Icelandic team then said goodbye and the guests headed for a day at the Blue Lagoon.

It was decided that our next meeting will take place in Spain, November 5 th – 9 th, 2018.