ERASMUS+ Sparrow

Visiting Iceland, May 2019

The fifth Sparrow (project) meeting took place in Iceland 20 th - 24 th of May 2019. All the participants from Italy, Germany and Spain joined this fifth meeting.

On Monday morning we met at the Icelandic school, Rimaskóli. The Icelandic students put on a show to welcome us into their school. The theme of the show was The Eurovision Song Contest which is very popular in Iceland and had taken place just two days before. The children had picked out one song from each of the participating countries and performed a dance or sang the song.

After this warm welcome from the Icelandic students the teachers were given a tour of the school building and its surroundings. They visited several different classes, including arts, woodcraft and home economics. After this we worked on the project; we evaluated the work already done, decided what we would do and work on before the next meeting. We also planned the next meeting.

After this the teachers took a guided tour around the center of Reykjavík.

On Tuesday we had a planned lesson with the fourth graders and the German team introduced some games and the children got a chance to try them out.

We worked on the project and began preparing the next interim report.

In the afternoon we went on a hiking trip to Hengilsvæðið. This area is in the middle of the west volcanic zone. The bedrock is mostly hyaloclastite with a very interesting landscape, including hot springs and craters. The last time Hengill erupted was 2.000 years ago. We walked along a ridge that was 3 km long and with an altitude about 300m.

On Wednesday we started the day by working on the project. Evaluating, planning and finishing the report.

Later that day we had a meeting at the City Hall with the manager of school and after school activities. We got introduction on a new citing in the matters of education in Reykjavík called: Make your dreams come true.

On Thursday it was time for some sight-seeing. We drove to the west coast of Iceland and visited historic and scenic places, including waterfalls and hot springs.

On Friday we headed for the south coast so our foreign participants could experience more of the wonderful Icelandic landscape. We started the day with a tour into a lava tunnel called Raufarhólshellir, one of the longest lava tunnels in Iceland which was formed in an eruption that occurred more than 5.000 years ago. We had a guided tour that was very interesting and informative.

The next stop was a walking tour to the hot springs in Reykjadalur. This is a 3km long walk one way and there is a hot river that you can bathe in.

Participants decided that our next meeting will be in Germany from the 30 th of September– 4 th of October, 2019.